About me

I’m Isabelle, for the most time called Bella, a 24 year old Swedish with half of her heart in Southern Spain (oh na na). I love breakfast, coffee and café spots, reading (preferably quite brutal and nasty thrillers or self development books), and I make a funny ‘aaauwgh’ noises whenever I see a dog (I believe I don’t have to mention how much I absolutely adore my own?). And Oh!, to put brackets in my texts, as you may notice…

I work online and therefore, always ”on the run”. Since we launched an online company targeting the Spanish fitness market, November 2016, we have been travelling around Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Florida, Spain and spent the summer in Sweden. Wellness and travel are two of our main passions and something we’re blessed to be able to do as often as we can.

The main topics that you will stumble into here are travels & training, overall wellness and health, but also general thoughts and ideas. I will also specialise a part in this blog to pre- & postnatal coaching, as I am currently studying to become a certified coach for natal and postpartum women. This is something I consider extremely important to start addressing more in the fitness industry, as there is a lack of knowledge or even interest within this area, even though around 85% of the women population will go through this special and important event at least once in their lives. I want to start helping women before, during and after pregnancy to try to reach an as healthy experience during this event in life as possible, how you can prepare for motherhood, and still being able to train and enjoy it in every trimestre and postpartum.

I hope you will find something of value here and Hey, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to have a chat about anything!

Big hugs,
Bella C. Brännborn